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It is difficult to estimate how much money you can get from a reverse mortgage on your property. The amount of money you will qualify for depends on your age, type of property, and appraised home value.Because of the conservative nature of reverse mortgages in Canada, age is a strong factor on the amount you will get. for example two neighbors take out a reverse mortgage on their home. One of them is aged 55 and the other aged 75, the 75 year old would qualify for more. The reasoning for this is that the 55 year old has more to time to accumulate more debt than the 75 year old.

Up TO 55% of the appraised value of your home

The other very influential factor is about the property itself, marketability is key. For example one property in good condition in a desirable neighborhood would qualify for more compared to a small home in the country.  The reasoning is just like traditional mortgages if something happened the lender wants the ability to sell the property fast. So in our example the house in the county would in theory take longer to sell than a house in the city.

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